If the methods by which Gnawdwell guarantees the loyalty and stability of his Clanmates can be discovered, then perhaps the Great Ascendancy will become reality. Still, the tactics of Clan Mors are hard to predict because their greatest strength is their rapid adaptation to the situation at hand. 57% Upvoted. This thread is archived. I didnt try Mors but i finished campaign with Pestilens. Skaven are incredibly weak, both on the campaign map and in battle, IMHO. What army composition do you guys use with clan Eshin on mortal empires? hide. Playing as Clan Mors, and I keep getting my butt handed to me by the wood elves. save hide report. just want a fun / role playing army composition that makes sense. {[Fn|1}}, They make use of elite, crimson armoured Stormvermin known as the Red Guard, and Gnawdwell himself is protected by a bodyguard of elite White furred Stormvermin. You can take literaly anything on with two stacks of rats. so i dont need any cheese armies or something. 64% Upvoted. I'm trying to have fun but its insanely frustrating. All rights reserved. Perhaps their strongest asset is their use of poisons, for which they are famous throughout the Under-Empire. He is instead content to rest on his laurels for the time being, basking in the plentiful adoration of his troops. Shouldn't this be in their mod forum or something? This page was last edited on 13 May 2020, at 19:06. Skaven can actually benefit from low order and rebel armies are a good source of income and food. What army composition do you guys use with clan Eshin on mortal empires? Even those Skaven who have been conscripted into Mors from less fortunate clans are soon heard voicing praises to Gnawdwell and his staff. It is no secret that Skryre wishes to see Mors destroyed, a sentiment Clan Moulder has dismissed on many occasions. Given the effectiveness of the clan’s battle strategies to date, it would be foolish to assume it would crumble if Gnawdwell were killed. I can't raise many more armies with huge stacks of crappy infantry like skavenslaves and clanrats: they put too much of a strain on my income and food. Clan Mors and Clan Pestilens super difficult - with Steel Faith Overhaul. Clan Mors is one of the most powerful of the Warlord Clans, ruled by the equally ruthless Lord Gnawdwell. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Lizardman are a pain in the a$$ too: their saurus warriors are so dang strong, and Krog-gar is an absolute beast in melee. [3], From Warhammer - The Old World - Lexicanum, https://whfb.lexicanum.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=Clan_Mors&oldid=82713, About Warhammer - The Old World - Lexicanum. [1], Like any of the Lesser Clans, Mors covets a place amongst the Great Clans. The unity exhibited by Mors’ members, which is an obvious factor in its recent successes, intrigues the Seer Lord. I think I did that by about turn 10 with just two stacks of rats. Elven spearmen can easily hold the line against my hordes of skaven, and their archers just mow down my units from a distance. Rumours have spread that the Great Clans live in fear of Gnawdwell’s sinister reputation. Clans that have faced Mors’ troops in the past suffered from poor morale, largely due to the merciless reputation of their foes. It is led by legendary lord Queek Headtaker and can be found in The Southlands. Anyone have any tips at all? The faction is playable in multiplayer and campaign. save. [1], Together, the four Great Clans might easily crush Mors, much as they have destroyed other upstart clans in the past. Skavens are hardes to play by far. Skaven Under-Empire: Establish warrens in any settlement, undermining your enemies progress, or hide in plain sight while growing your own empire. Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice in the early game for my skaven campaign. Mechanics. Clan Mors has yet to prove its value to the Lords of Decay, though it will indeed have an opportunity to do so if Warlord Gnawdwell has his way. My start was to take the full starting province then immediatly push down and take the gold mine from the dwarves. Clan Mors and Clan Pestilens super difficult - with Steel Faith Overhaul ... What clicked for me was the army composition. © Valve Corporation. 1. Skaven of defeated Clans who show promise are elevated to positions of responsibility after they have proved themselves to be trustworthy. Warlord Gnawdwell has made it very clear that he believes he is the one to lead all Skaven to their inevitable victory over the surface world and its furless inhabitants. Pestilens, which was in a similar position to Mors’ at one time, has yet to make a determination. share. At first, I hit a wall with the Lizards, but eventually I came here and read some very helpful tips. I just can't succeed as either skaven clan in the Vortex campaign.
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