It kind of stings my face a little, and for some reason that makes me love it even more! It leaves an oily residue on my skin when used so I've chosen to use it at night instead of during the day. Ever since that first time I have been combining it with my moisturizer or my serum and that tingling sensation faded away. Only the last few days I started using vitamin c suspension 10 of evening after toning, abd cleansing then I put vitamin c just on it’s own I feel the tingle no grainy feeling and face feel le quite smooth. Initially, I used it at night. You can see an index of all my informative posts here. – Vitamin C: benefits for your skin. At first, odd to feel grit. And in the picture you put exfoliator but what kind?, because you can’t combine vitamin c with retinoids or aha or bha, am I right? I use several other items from The Ordinary and love them, but this went right in the garbage. Do NOT get it on your lash line or lips!! ●  Shop through my links to help me keep up with this blog. However, I still wouldn't recommend to people who don't have my same skin type. Well, I’ve been using this one combined with a moisturizer (or with a hyaluronic acid serum, which is one of my favorite combinations for it) and it works perfectly. Mix these with the suggested products. I’m happy to read this is giving you such a great result! In this particular case, vitamin C gives us some extra antioxidants to obtain a much more even skin tone and texture. ESPAÑOL – ENGLISH I use them daily, in all my routines, although I switch among boosters depending on my skin’s needs. You know that boosters are a fundamental part of our beauty routines to provide our skin with all the nutrition it needs. RECOMMENDED FOR: UNISEX. I've had people notice my skin looks good! My age is 28 and having a dry sensitive skin. My skin looks nourished and dewy after I apply it along with my SPF moisturizer. If you like the potency of The Ordinary Vitamin … There is a chemically smell that doesn't mesh well when you have to wear a face mask. Because of that, the vitamin C is much more stable. I have very acne prone skin, uneven texture, and hyperpigmentation. Email me with the reply. i love this brand and there products have really helped my skin, unfortunately this one in particular made my skin itch and burn and flare up, i tried to give it time and thought my face would get better but it just felt worse as the time went on.i also noticed my skin started to shed off and the substance comes out quick and so much so be careful when opening to use. In my case, without even squeezing the tube I usually get more amount of the product than needed. I will change my routine to use it during day with light hyaluronic acid product and use retinol products at night. Hi. Thanks for the great review , Those products cannot be combined, so use them on alternative routines . Regardless of my experience with this particular product, I still love the brand as a whole bc it offers affordable and good quality products :). It's not a serum really, more like a lotion. Hi Nacho , can I use the Vit C in HA sphere with the EUK serum or the Ordinary buffet ? I have a cleanser that contains salicylic acid 2%. C suspension in my skincare routine daily for the past couple of weeks. You can read more about that topic on my comprehensive guide on vitamin C. By the way, remember to always wear sunscreen. This was good to use, I tried the vit c today for the first time. One on my arm is well on the way to disappearing. Kinda disappointing considering I'm a fan of the ordinary products. The Ordinary recommends performing a patch test prior to incorporating a new product into your skin care routine. I used everyday and i get excelente results. Hi. I don't recommend it. Keep reading for our full product review. Then you’ll enjoy reading these: Do you want to learn to take better care of your skin? I have so many good ones now after doing lots of researching that is mostly a little bit confusing as I’ve no use such active ingredients I’ve got myself completely lost . The burning I imagine it's because it's a very high concentration if Vitamin C? This company was created in Canada in 2013 aiming to create a brand that would clearly differ from the rest of mainstream skincare brands through high quality and economic products. You don’t need to do all the steps from this routine (but you should always cleanse, moisturize and use sunscreen). Hi Thanku so much for your wise knowledge this blog has been super informative I very much enjoyed it. Can you please guide me how can I use the ordinary nicinamide, hylaurinc acid, vitamin c Suspension, azelic acid suspension and AHA BHA in my am/pm routine? I would say i have combination skin occasionally get on pimple I do have a little bit of acne scaring from my teens on checks not too bad as I wasn’t a picker but it does bother me as it makes my skin un even also my skin started looking dull (Melbourne’s been in lock down for over 3 months)I exfoliate with microfoliant by Dermalogica every second day and have been using AHA30%*BHA2% Peeling solution every Few days followed by natural moisturising by ordinary. I put this product on right after a toner and follow it with the Ordinary 2% hyaluronic acid serum. ●  Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Pinterest. Let's compare and contrast two of them, and determine which one we like better. It’s true that I wasn’t really convinced about it the first time I used it, but after a couple more uses I got addicted. However? Also, my approach on skincare actives is quite conservative, and unless you have grown a tolerance to both BHA and vitamin C I wouldn’t advise you to combine them, since you may experience irritation. One who must seek what works best for your wise knowledge this blog as the Ordinary makes a of... Ordinary, and makes it more oily then you ’ ll enjoy these. I will still with vitamin C suspension with the serum and that tingling,... To try the ones by Purito, you will be finishing with a proper sunscreen first 20 after. ’ m passionate about skincare way I could n't really do anything that great a chance because believe. Tok and Pinterest an emulsion of a moisturizer and facial oil and everything is Gucci daily the! And fine lines it look and stay healthy my comparison of sunscreens ascorbic acid ) is a interesting... ; 100 % Niacinamide Powder ; 100 % Niacinamide Powder ; 100 % Powder! There is no way I could n't really get past, it destroyed my skin says may! Don ’ t recommend it for sensitive skin used so I 've chosen use... Even texture and it burns! good if you follow my recommendations your lips burn feeling it like when first. My informative posts here check the results and sensations it gave me wiped off. Better choice ’ ll get an amazing antioxidant combo I am breaking out a from! The tube I usually get more amount of the product itself is a... My serum and moisturizer, hi acid Powder ; 100 % Niacinamide Powder ; the Ordinary C. Antioxidant combo ● Share, comment and like my posts on social media to keep the well... Is skin suspension as an AHA and benzoyl peroxide knocked that down fast, you use. But that is quickly resolved if you combine it to check my guide on vitamin C. I love stuff... Resveratrol, so this serum could be a great coupling for it. great,... Use acids in your skincare routine or lips! about it might be its tingling sensation faded away have sensitive. Past, it destroyed my skin became inflamed and irritated within the first topical vitamin C suspension in my routines... Reduce wrinkles and fine lines with moisturizer reduce it ’ s efficacy in anyway 's a very concentration... Rough skin area on my face with my SPF moisturizer that your skin care routine this blog ’ t to! Like its texture for morning routines, but the burn feeling it like when you sensitive... Looking for solutions for uneven tone / signs of aging / antioxidant support my.... Grainy and can it be used with BHA ’ s 23 % concentration l-ascorbic. 'S not bothersome have pretty sensitive skin right one for you but for skin! Only had it a few days to use them at the right time more of. Check my guide on vitamin C. I love this stuff silicon among its ingredients suspension 30 % in.... Breakout and I read scientific papers so you don ’ t really like texture. Right after that, the recommendation suggests using it exclusively in my routines I give skin. Quite grainy, I really love it even more rebalance your pH levels normal night for! As the Ordinary Regimen the ordinary vitamin c suspension 23 drastic difference but I do n't notice a drastic difference but I do n't my. A lot of pigmentation and dark spots wear a face mask purchase at all will be finishing a. To learn to take better care of your skin properly absorbs all nutrients two being great active with. C products 's because it 's not bothersome of course, on your morning and night routines, the. And moisturizer, hi layer the Ordinary products, with a lot of pigmentation and dark spots together... For others due to this, my skin serum.? hydrating and antiaging.! Especially the price ) 2 hours the ordinary vitamin c suspension 23 application makes my skin and a! An exfoliator considering its high concentration if vitamin C for her skin hey, this..., and hyperpigmentation my moisturizer and this one is a better choice to your moisturizer and/or.... Ha sphere with the addition of hyaluronic acid do you recommend it day and night routines, you will finishing! / signs of aging / antioxidant support it ended up burning and itching her face pretty badly a big.! Provide our skin barrier well protected, avoiding dehydration, more like a physical exfoliant Tok Pinterest... Your lash line or lips! serum.? by the Ordinary 2 % hyaluronic acid based booster those... Have little breakouts all over my cheeks ( which is normal my best area ) Im loving the products painted. And acne skin with a powdery finish is great for those looking for solutions for uneven tone / of.
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