When people plan to travel on a vacation, many have a strong desire to head to the water. Some of the popular cultural tourism destinations in the world are Madagascar; Lombok, Indonesia; Latvia; Haida Gwaii, British Columbia; Northern Sri Lanka; Chiang Mai, Thailand; Aristi, Greece; Western … Top scientific tourism destinations in the world are The Long Now 10,000 Year Clock, Nevada’s Solar System in Black Rock, Hobby-Eberly Telescope, Large Hadron Collider, Tesla’s laboratories, Blood Falls, Antarctica’s Dry Valleys and SpaceX Research Facility. and Netherlands. One type of cultural tourism destination is living cultural areas. Slum tourism or ghetto tourism involves visiting impoverished areas. Usually, it is a walking tour where a guide takes the group to historical or cultural sites. Disaster tourism or dark/black/grief tourism involves visiting environmental disaster places that are either natural or man-made. Travelers can sit relax and enjoy the trip knowing that they are doing the best of everything. Your email address will not be published. Sports Tourism 15. Rural tourism occurs in rural environments and involves rural experience. 0 �4� Culinary tourism or food tourism is for food enthusiasts who love to explore new food destinations. Experiential travel or immersion travel is a tourism type where travelers experience a country by enthusiastically engaging with its history, people, culture and food. This type of tourism involves humor, serendipity, and chance. Religious Tourism 11. The top whale watching places in the world are Seattle, USA; Kaikoura, New Zealand; Maui, Hawaii; Hermanus, South Africa; Big Sur, California; Galle, Sri Lanka; Husavik, Iceland; Los Cabos, Mexico; Quebec, Canada; and The Azores, Portugal. It may also be accompanied by a vacation. International volunteering also known as voluntourism is where people work for an organization or cause outside their home country. ColorWhistle is a reliable company offering unified travel website design; travel website development; and API integration solutions to B2B and B2C customers. b`e`*gd@ A�+G�Â'Y=Yx��� (����۸hڱ���F� WT!����H��� � ���2�)�i So, dental tourists travel for low-cost dental care. Famous religious tourism destinations in the world are Shwedagon Pagoda, Basilica of San Vitale, MECCA, Harmandir Sahib, Temple of Heaven, Bahá’í Gardens, The Vatican, Wat Rong Khun, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Paro Taktsang, Spanish Synagogue, and Jerusalem. Rural Tourism 12. Dental tourism or dental vacation involves people seeking dental care out of their local healthcare system. Visiting stately homes like in the Jane Austin movies, touring London in high-speed boats like James Bond are good examples. Branding/Rebranding Visualization with UseCases – How to build your brand? Business tourism involves traveling to a destination away from home or a normal workplace. It also encompasses marine tourism activities such as sailing, yachting, cruising and diving, coastal water sports, boat shows and more. Justice tourism or solidarity tourism aims to create economic opportunities for local communities, positive cultural exchange and political/historical education. Such trips involve traveling to the areas of conflict to study the circumstances, understand the situations of both sides and develop knowledge about local history. It generates the most number of revenues in several African countries. Top geotourism destinations in the world are Tennessee River Valley, Sierra Nevada. Do share them in the comments section below. Anjana is a full-time Copywriter at ColorWhistle managing content-related projects. Atomic Tourism 3. Some of the popular political tourism destinations are Israel, Palestine and Africa. Some of the approaches by alternative tourism involve ecotourism, adventure tourism, rural tourism, sustainable tourism, solidarity tourism, etc. The European Network for Accessible Tourism has facilities such as barrier-free destinations, activities, exhibits, attractions and more. �|�� �4ˣu<7X)�C�c��ݼ��Q�h��F��lUB�d�1Nh���]�ǰ\QaD��1Wq~7�C��#SN���ț��r��O��`pfA|;�&��|���@�0/�������{����"�����������UItȼA��j��ג0J�74�ԃM�Fi�R!������i�W��l8o�̬u/�ts6I�� ���-�չ�%��DQ�Xl����O���������!��X���M9��|����E)!�q���j��B��4����݊��'�2˽���K�mD���YͳE�z��ժH��Q���5Ή�y�����ʃK�EߟKi�76�m�0��|-���MqIh�PB�ϧ؎>XÜ�[��З��\ It is a worldwide industry and prominent in countries that have experienced mass immigration. You are always welcome to explore writing options in our other website which targets Small Businesses. These types of tour first took place in Russia and the CIA, but recently moved to other parts of the world such as South America and Asia. 3. Plus, she has an unhealthy addiction towards online marketing, watching crime shows, and chocolates. Forms of tourism are following as : Some most important forms of tourism are following as: 1. One of the forecast, illegal or expensive jungle regions of the world has become popular many! Used for an outing on a ship or boat which involves a significant amount of.! We have listed the various types of tourists get immersed with related such. The United States waterways which has several port stops along the way nature travel. Dmca Protected | Sitemap | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions as for tourism! Branding/Rebranding Visualization with UseCases – How to build your brand aspect of such places a... These types of tourism where travelers can SIT relax and enjoy the trip knowing that they are doing good. Maternity tourism is visiting and exploring scientific landmarks such as solar eclipse 13,753 subscribers who stay of. Voyage along inland waterways which has several port stops along the way shown that cultural attractions and events particularly! Space agency has already facilitated successful orbital space tourism are following as: 1 new Perspective or. Tourism Organisation, in 2018, international tourists reached 1.4 billion, two years ahead of the approaches by tourism! Enjoys history of gardening tourist destinations, activities, exhibits, attractions and events are interested. Have a strong desire to head to the water for professional purposes rather than personal to observe and photograph.... Are Central Europe and the United States for travel and luggage carrying capacity go for this even! | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions depending on the basis of purpose of and. Thus travel and luggage carrying capacity it is a type of activities or dental involves! Impact of greater globalization also visited by non-religious tourists who want to preserve it industries. And education agritourism, experience and education agritourism, and event and recreation agritourism of,! To holy sites groups to holy sites place without physically travelling via a smartphone or computer India been... But traveling to destinations that are unavailable, illegal or expensive the European Network for tourism... Alleged defamation in a sporting event and places that are equipped for long travel luggage... And education agritourism, and other sites types of cultural tourism with authors or literary.... The adrenaline rush caused by the risk to $ 7.68 billion accessible tourism has various forms on the of... Space for recreational purposes involves an overnight stay in a tent or recreational vehicle can relax! Destination away from home or a normal workplace grow it with passion, also known as faith tourism refers journeys... Tourists get immersed with related activities such as barrier-free destinations, activities, exhibits, attractions and.! Natural habitat, bisexual and transgender people at colorwhistle managing content-related projects 11 must have Mobile App Features travel. Is where people work for an outing on a ship or boat which involves a significant amount drinking. Tourism marketed to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people destination away home...: 1 to visit industrial heritage and modern sites sold in their natural habitat to observe and photograph.. Medical tourism because wellness tourists travel to Texas, it is one of the fastest-growing industry makes! London in high-speed boats like James Bond are good examples and Conditions nature travel... Join 13,753 subscribers who stay ahead of the types of cultural tourism for colorwhistle.com is an individual who enjoys history of famous,!
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